Napoleon's Collapse Essay

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Napoleon’s Empire Collapses By Lucas Research Outline I. Introduction - (Brief comment leading into subject matter - Thesis statement on the reasons why Napoleon’s empire collapsed) II. Body – Napoleon’s success and the process of the downfall, the reasons why the empire collapsed A. Napoleon’s story 1. Napoleon’s success a. Napoleon rose through the army b. Napoleon defeated Coalitions and became the emperor 2. The process of the downfall of the empire a. Many Coalitions were held against Napoleon b. Napoleon was force to abdicate, but he became the emperor again c. Waterloo Napoleons Last Battle B. The reasons of the downfall of the…show more content…
Since Napoleon’s decision showed no respect but metamorphic confidence, the Spanish fought him off. Napoleon’s optimism predicted Napoleon’s failure as well. In 1814, Napoleon defeated the Anti-French troop at Brenner city; he thought he would win again. He separated his troops in order to attack his enemies, but he did not realize that he left the way to Paris unimpeded for his enemies. It led Napoleon to the loss of the wars against the sixth Anti-French Coalition. Moreover, Napoleon’s bravery made him succeed in his wars, but it also made him ignore his soldiers’ feelings. Once he got involved in a battle, he would fight until he won. So once he lost, he lost his army’s power, soldiers and morale. After losing those important foundations, he was not able to control such a huge empire any more. Beside those positive characters, Napoleon also had some negative characters that overset him. Ambition is the uppermost characteristics that made his empire collapse quickly. For example, in 1812, Napoleon’s ambition extended to Russia. His army invaded Russia. Alexander I carried out a scorched-earth policy. Whatever Napoleon captured, the Russians burnt everything before retreating. Day after day, Napoleon’s army ran out of supplies. Finally, Napoleon lost the war in a painful way. Not only Napoleon but also his empire and his people suffered the consequence of his unreasonable ambition. Napoleon was haughty and self-centered; he did not like listening
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