Naps Benefits

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Realistically, the average american doesn't get enough sleep. Now most people would say they just need to manage their time better but sometimes that isn't possible. You're less productive when your tired so if you didn't get enough sleep you aren't productive and that's when a nap could be beneficial for your mental health to get rest and refocus. Napping is healthy for everyone because they help make up for lost sleep, stay focused,regain energy, and ensure you get enough sleep for your age Napping is healthy to a point. Naps are beneficial to make up for some lost sleep at night but they wont help the effects of consistent irregular sleeping patters. Although naps are good when you need a break or to tired to continue, there is such thing as over sleeping. Over sleeping will cause a person to become more tired than they already were. Napping is a tool and when used right they help a person regain what they lost, but…show more content…
Although technology is to blame,the school and work aspects of peoples lives keep them awake at night with homework or work . These late nights spent working can put stress on a person which ultimately can lead to sleep problems. Naps throughout the day are beneficial to your health in these situations because when you are exhausted and stressed the next day, the quality of your work is going to be very poor. Naps provide a short term boost of energy and productivity, and while this is good for your health many will argue that naps are only for children.This stigma that naps are only for young kids couldn't be anymore false. Children have better sleep habits because we enforce them too, but adults have a collective amount of sleep debt. In many cases adults are not getting enough sleep, and yet they are the ones who do the most work, and are looked upon to provide for a
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