Naps: The Interrelationship Between Nap And Mood

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Napping is considered a light sleep for a shorter amount of time during the day. A nap could range from 15 minutes to four hours. Often people will nap after a night of poor sleep or if they are feeling ill. Napping is especially important for younger children and elderly people because their energy decreases quickly. Napping is also extremely intricate to certain cultures such as in Spanish cultures where they take siestas. Napping can be both beneficial and harmful for many reasons and many scientists are unsure if naps improve overall health or not. Several studies have shown the beneficial affects of napping and how it improves alertness, self-confidence, sleepiness and several other aspects. Many researchers suggest that there is a deep correlation between napping and ones mood and performance. Researchers have done many studies trying to find an interrelationship between naps and performance. Hayashi, Watanbe, and Hori (1998), three gentleman working for the Department of Behavioral…show more content…
The happiness of the mood depends upon several factors including sleepiness, fatigue and motivation. Hayashi, Watanabe, and Hori (1998) conducted a study to test the effects of a short 20 minute nap on mood and performance. The results showed that the 20 minute nap helped improve overall mood. The conclusion to this experiment was that a mid-afternoon 20 minute nap only resulted in positive effects towards mood and performance. Longterm naps have also been studied recently. These are naps that are habitual and become apart of ones daily schedule. A study done by Bonnefond, Muzet, Winter-Dill, Bailloeuil, Bitouze, and Bonneau (2001) examined 12 individuals for one year who napped an hour each day. By the end of the year, most of the individuals reported to having overall less fatigue and improved general satisfaction. The researchers also noticed that the effects of the nap seemed to improved the more the year
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