Narcissism And Social Networking Web Sites

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The article I chose for this critique was “Narcissism and Social Networking Web Sites” written by Laura E. Buffardi and W. Keith Campbell from the University of Georgia. This article is based on an experiment that was taken place to prove whether others could perceive a narcissistic individual as a narcissist through observing their social media sites. This experiment was a correlational type of study. The experimenters’ goal was to analyze whether there was any correlation or connection between the web page owner being a narcissist and the type of content they had on their profile. With this type of study, the variables are not as familiar as they might be when it comes to other experiments. The independent variable, or as referenced in this article, the predictor variable, was the web pages’ owners’ measured narcissism. Since the experimenter doesn’t necessarily manipulate this variable, it is known as the predictor variable instead. The dependent variable was the narcissistic impressions of the raters, or observers of the web pages. There was an extra variable in this experiment known as the proposed mediator. A proposed mediator is a model used to identify and explain the procedures that root from the relationship between the independent and dependent variables. In this case, the proposed mediators were the quantity of social interaction, main photo attractiveness, main photo sexiness, and main photo self-promotion. The method of this experiment was as follows: The…

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