Narcissism In The Peter

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In addition to the fact that Peter could not enjoy domestic happiness, he is also unable to form lasting, loving relationships with any human being. This could be explained by Peter’s heartlessness that is attached to forgetfulness and narcissism. Firstly, his narcissism lies in the fact that he does not truly care about anyone except himself. Consequently, Peter “never noticed” how short Wendy’s dress become “at the end of the first year” because “he had so much about himself” and even when he came again after many years he at first didn’t notice “a difference, for he was thinking chiefly of himself”. Secondly, it is a known fact that memories have a very strong impact on life in general; they are a powerful source of emotions, also remembering…show more content…
I personally think that writer wanted to emphasis the importance of growing up but at the same time remain a little child inside and it is totally different from just remaining a child and rejecting the adulthood as Peter does. For example, there was very childish deed when James Hook was doomed to death and “invited Peter with a gesture to use his foot”. Even though Capitan was dying he was calm and almost happy because of Peter’s “bad forms”. Likewise, Mr. Darling, as the writer pointed out, “might have passed for a boy again if he had been able to take his baldness off”. Also, the fact that he ceased to be “sensitive to the opinion of neighbours”, nearly lived in the kennel as well as medicine accident displayed his childish behaviour. However, exactly this situation made him feel “gratifying” and he became “sweeter”. Lastly, Wendy herself is a direct proof that there is nothing terrible adulthood, conversely “she was one of the kind that likes to grow up”. Although “something inside her was crying “Woman, woman, let go of me”, it was just a quick impulse, as a matter of fact, she was simply nostalgic about “dear old days why (shy) could fly”. All these cases illustrate that it is no necessity in perpetual youth because adults could be also happy if there is a child living in their
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