Narcissistic Personality Analysis

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The article defines Narcissistic Personality disorder according to the Diagnostic Statistic Manual-5 as a persuasive pattern of grandiosity, need for affirmation, and lack of empathy”. The author includes various sections that discuss details officers’ pre-employment processes as well as the evaluation given to determine any psychological defects. After physical test, background checks, polygraphs, and other interviews candidates are given psychological evaluations to confirm that they are mentally able to make reasonable decisions in high stress situations for the public. The first assessment given is the Minnesota Multiphasic Personality Invetory-2 (MMPI-2), which measures a police officer’s psyche. It consist of 567 questions that candidates …show more content…

The next evaluation given to officer candidates is the Lie (L) Validity Scale, which lies within the MMPI-2. These questions are levels of deception that the candidates may have while taking the MMPI-2, it consists of 15 questions that specifically are meant to point out minor dishonesties in character and behavior, reluctance to admit occasional aggression, vulnerabilities of character, and negative thoughts. The last text given, also within the MMPI-2, is the Narcissistic Personality Inventory (NPI). The diagnostic criteria for the NPI is over 45 years old. It consist of two subscales the first one is the entitlement scale, which detects levels of entitlement found with problems of forgiveness, the desire for power, impulsivity, hostility, and aggression. The second subscale is exploitative scale, which is described to be able to measure problems in traits of …show more content…

It was concluded that long-term studies should be done on police officers to compare scores they received from the MMPI-2 with their documented work behavior, this is beneficial because it can be used to adjust the cut off scores from the MMPI-2. Also, corrections to the MMPI-2, L scale, and NPI to follow the most recent diagnostic criteria for narcissism is a necessary measure. This will help prevent employing police officers with narcissistic traits. The overall safety of the American public heavily depends on the mental health of police

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