Narcissistic Personality Disorder Case Study

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Narcissistic Personality Disorder Definition Narcissistic personality disorder appears as someone who is preoccupied with themselves, has a high sense of self importance, and doesn’t have empathy for others. They also have a persistent need for admiration. This is a cluster B disorder. Causes • Low self-esteem • Insensitive parenting Risk factors • Teenagers and early adulthood affected more often • Males develop more often Signs and Symptoms Physical • Aggressive behavior • Suicidal ideation Behavioral • Grandiose self importance • Fantasies of success, power, brilliance, beauty, or idealized love • Need for admiration • Entitlement • Exploits interpersonal relationships • Lacks empathy • Believes others are envious or envious of others…show more content…
The client should become more considerate of others and not see themselves as superior. Nursing Interventions • Assess for suicidal thoughts Rational: low self esteem is typically seen • Determine cause of disorder Rational: if the cause can be directly addressed treatment may be more effective • Evaluate verbal and nonverbal cues for agitation or aggression Rational: may become hostile if they feel they are being demeaned by not getting attention • Explore client’s beliefs about treatment and cause of disorder Rational: they may think that problems are caused by others and not their own actions • Administer Lithium as ordered Rational: reduces symptoms of mania o Assess mental status Rational: may cause suicidal thoughts o Determine if client has history of seizures Rational: one adverse effect is seizures o Obtain serum lithium levels Rational: blood levels determine the necessary dose, lithium toxicity can occur • Assist the client to view themselves from different perspectives Rational: can help the client realize their behaviors are the problem • Implement measures that will increase the client’s self esteem Rational: an increase in self esteem could help decrease the severity of
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