Narcissistic Pursuit

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Values are defined by personal standards or a set of principles desired by an individual created for them to live by. Values are the broad psychological constructs with implications for both motivated behavior and personal wellbeing that guide the selection or evaluation of actions, policies, people and events (Schwartz, 2006). Values provide guidance to some of our most important life decisions such as relationships and career choices. Hence, to a large extent our value system determines the quality of life we choose to lead. I consider myself more connected to pursuing a more intrinsic value systems as a reflection of my natural desire to actualize, self-develop and grow professionally, academically and personally. Intrinsic values, for example like self-acceptance, affiliation and community are thought to be inherently satisfying to pursue, as these are directly linked to psychological needs and reflect basic growth tendencies (Kasser & Ryan, 1996). Intrinsic value pursuit is said to be associated with higher well-being, because intrinsic value pursuit is most…show more content…
I have sough out challenging tasks such as gaining credentialing as a professional counselor supervisor, as well as pursuing an interest in the field of sports psychology which will allow me to develop and hone new skills, thus satisfying an intense desire for me to feel competent. An intrinsic assumption is that individuals instinctively evaluate their experiences and life choices to determine if they are actualizing, and if thaey are not, a ‘‘nagging sense that something isn’t right’’ (Carver & Scheier, 2000), can motivate an individual to seek out
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