Narco Corridos the History Behind the Glorified Narcos Essay examples

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Narcocorridos: Giving Mexican-American Youth a Sense of Cultural Identity in the US Victor Guzman Psych 141-1979 Con cuernos de chivo y basuca en la nuca/ Equipped with guns and bazookas Volando cabezas al que se atraviesa/ Heads fly of those who stand in the way Somos sanguinarios locos bien ondeados /we shed blood, crazy in the head Nos gusta matar / we like to kill Pa dar levantotes somos los mejores /we’re the best ones to get the job done Siempre en caravana toda mi plebada /always on caravans with all my people Bien empecherados blindados / bullet-proof vested Y listos para ejecutar/ and ready to execute Despite Mexico’s…show more content…
to test their fate, another quickly emerging option was to join the underground drug trafficking market. The changing climate in the drug trafficking world did not go without having any effect on the corridos, of course. As history evolved, so did the style of the corrido. The corrido was incorporated into different genres of regional music, particularly of the Northern part of Mexico, known as musica nortena. These songs ranged from love ballads to songs that make political statements and even stories about what Wald calls “smuggle stories” (Wald 3). Many were written about legendary figures like Pancho Villa (Quinones 27). The norteno group Los Tigres Del Norte is given the credit for officially taking corridos to the next level- that of narcocorridos and giving the grounds for which the narcocorrido takes off. They sing about the rise of drug traffic in the US-Mexico borderlands as well as about the injustices that Mexicans and Mexican-Americans have faced and continue to face in El Norte, a very popular nickname for the United States. Los Tigres del Norte (who originate from the United States) never fail to make a political statement, shedding light on controversial issues such as the rising power of the drug cartels in Mexico, which results because they present an alternative to poverty that Mexicans face every day. The following are two stanzas from a corrido by Los Tigres del Norte: A mí me gustan los corridos / I like listening to

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