Narcotic Anonymous ( Na )

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Narcotic Anonymous (NA) is a place where group of people, men and women gather together several times a week or month with the desire to stop using narcotics. This program started around the late 1940s which was taken from the idea of Alcoholic Anonymous (NA World Services, 2014). People who attend NA participates either because it was a court order or its their own willingness to get better. Narcotic Anonymous is an outlet for narcotic addicts to find people who share their own struggle in overcoming narcotic addiction; It can also provide resources on how to stay clean and stop using illicit drugs. NA welcome every participant from different ages, races and type of addiction. Narcotic Anonymous throughout the country hereby the twelve steps and traditions of Narcotic Anonymous. The twelve steps of narcotic anonymous are: 1. To admit that they are powerless over their addiction, and their lives are unmanageable. 2. They believe that a power greater than themselves could restore them to sanity. 3. A decision is made to turn their will and their lives over the care of God as they understood Him. 4. They made a searching and fearless moral inventory of themselves. 5. They admit to God, to themselves and to another person the nature of their wrong doings. 6. The readiness of letting God remove the defects in their characters. 7. To humbly ask God to remove their shortcomings. 8. Make a list of people they harm and make amends to all of those people. 9. To make direct amends to
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