Narcotics Impairing The Mind Of The User

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Narcotics Impairing the Mind of the User 80,000 or more deaths happen yearly from overdose of narcotic and pharmaceutical drugs. Can the overuse of narcotic drugs impair a person for life? The human brain is the most complex part of the human body, it controls it completelyalmost all of it. Thoughts, movements and even thinking of movement comes from the brain. One of the most worst ways of ruining your precious brain is to over use narcotic drugs. The overuse of narcotic drugs can not only cause damage to the brain but, can also be fatal. Narcotic drugs range from many varieties, types and strengths all causing havoc on the brain. says that the definition of narcotic is “a drug that affects the brain and that is usually dangerous and illegal”. has another definition for narcotic in a medical term that is “ a drug that is given to people in small amounts to make them fall alseep or feel less pain”. Opium, morphine, cocaine, marijuana, heroin are all narcotic drugs and can give anyone with possession many years in prison. The over use of narcotic drugs can alter the function of the brain causing that person to act differently, get an addiction and a feeling causing the person to feign for more. Narcotics are a big deal and can impair the mind of the user by giving them physical side effects and psychological effects and create an addiction that can and will harm the brain and even cause death to the user. With this worldwide trend…

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