Narcotizing The Masses Essay

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In order to understand the relationship between narcotizing the masses and the possibility of progressive change in the US, one has to take a look at the reason behind the phenomenon of controlling the masses. To understand narcotizing the masses, one has to look at it from a critical point of view. One way to look at this phenomenon is by using critical theory to dissect narcotizing the masses. According to Ashley Crossman, “Critical theory is a social theory oriented toward critiquing and changing society as a whole, in contrast to traditional theory oriented only to understanding or explaining it (Crossman, 2017).” Critical theories objective is to get to the root of social life and expose the norms that prevents us from a complete understanding of how the world operates (Crossman, 2017). The theory was developed by sociologist at The Frankfort School in Germany, and it emerged…show more content…
A very important way of controlling the masses now happens to be consumption. The need to buy things that are unnecessary plagues the majority of our society. In my opinion, the reason behind why we consume so much is due to the fact that we are never satisfied because the media has a way of making us feel like we could always have more material things. Another way that controls the masses is social media. In an age where everyone is always plugged in and people are reliant on technology social media plays a huge part in controlling the masses of people. Social media also has a lot to do with current trends and that is another way of controlling the masses. The relation between narcotizing the masses and the possibility of progressive change in the US is that these two things are quite different. The possibility of progressive change in the US depends on social awareness and educating people. Narcotizing the masses is so successful, because most people are unaware and uneducated about how things
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