Narnia - the Magicians Nephew

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Chapter 1 Who are the main characters introduced in Chap. 1? The main characters introduced in Ch. 1 are Digory and Polly. How do they meet? They meet when Digory climbs into Polly’s yard. Why has the boy been crying? The boy has been crying because he lives with his mysterious aunt and uncle and his mother is about to die. What is the setting (where does the story take place, and what time of year is it)? The story takes place in London during the summer. How does the weather affect the adventure? The weather affects the adventure because they are forced to play inside because of what a wet summer it was. What did the girl discover in the box-room (storage room) in the attic? What use did she make of her…show more content…
This puts in Digory’s head the idea that there might be some fruit that would cure his mother. What does Aunt Letty say about the grapes?
 Aunt Letty doubts that even the grapes will save her now. Chapter 8 How is the Cabby portrayed in Chap. 8? The Cabby is portrayed as an optimist in Chapter 8. What kind of person is he? He is a very cheerful person. How does Queen Jadis behave when the pool takes them to the dark world? Queen Jadis doesn’t like the dark world. How does she describe it? She describes it as having magic more powerful than her own. What did the children hear in the darkness? The children heard a deep voice singing in the darkness. What "two wonders" happened in the same moment? Who is the Singer? How is he described? At the same time, a chorus of high-pitched voices joined the singer and thousands of stars popped into the sky. The Singer is a lion. He is described as fierce and powerful. Chapter 9 What does Polly notice about the Lion’s song in Chap. 9? In Chapter 9, Polly notices that the Lion’s song bears some similarity to the thing that appears when He sings. What does she think is going on? She thinks that the newly created things are appearing out of His voice. How effective is the Witch’s attack on the Lion? The witch’s attack on the lion is ineffective and causes no damage. How does the Lion respond? The Lion doesn’t respond. He just keeps walking. How do Jadis and

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