Narration In Gwendolyn Stich's Orientation

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Overly informed with supposed facts and loaded with gossip, the narrator in Orientation knows an unsettling amount of intimate life details about his co-workers. Odd for an office setting that is portrayed as one so uneventful. He tells a story of one of the workers Anika Bloom, he shares how at the office Christmas party her “left palm began to bleed. She fell into a trance, stared into her hand, and told Barry Hacker when and how his wife would die” (Orozco, p. 9). The narrator also shares information about Gwendolyn Stich. He tells how she is always smiley, always has her door open to the office members and always wishes everyone a good morning. The narrator then tells that she has a deeper side to her private life when he mentions how “she
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