Narration Of Atticus 's Pov After The Guilty Ruling

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Narration Atticus’s POV after the guilty ruling: I waited to meet Jem and Scout under a street light. As I waited, I contemplated the evil that existed in this world we live in, and felt a certain despair at raising my children in such a place. I stood there, lost in my thoughts, until I heard the dreaded sound of Jem crying. Twelve year old boys have to reach a certain level of anguish to show their feelings in such a way. When they neared, I could hear Jem murmuring “It ain’t right”, over and over again. I took his arm, hoping to offer a certain amount of consolation. “No, son, it’s not right,” I replied. Scout, followed behind, lost in her thoughts as we walked home. Upon arriving at the house, Alexandra greeted us at the door. “I’m sorry, brother”, she said as we entered. Hearing that made me pause, as I had never heard a term of endearment from Alexandra. Tragedy tends to make people express themselves in ways previously unthinkable. The affection didn’t last long, as she proceeded to admonish me about allowing the children to witness such a macabre event. I deflected her sniping easily enough, and was walking toward the bedroom when Jem’s voice rose in a question. “How could they do it, how could they?” His voice, normally unwavering and rising above the rest sounded small and lost. I sighed. He was growing from a boy to a man so quickly, and things that should not concern him now did. “I don’t know, but they did it. They’ve done it before and

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