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i’ve never been the sailing type. something about sitting on the ocean surrounded by water without being able to see land scares me. as you can imagine when my mom told me that our family was going on a cruise my stomach dropped faster than it does when i drop my phone. we left for the cruise in a week and leading up to that was the fastest week of my life. it was the day of the cruise and i couldn’t even zip up my suitcase it was so full. as we where boarding the ship i saw someone. it was one of the times where you see the most perfect human being and you get depressed because you know you'll never see them again. as i walk into my room which was a single (thank god) i started to unpack but them got board and decided to put on my bathing…show more content…
i look at the clock and it’s si in the morning. I'm to awake to go back to bed and i remember the breakfast buffet opens at 5 so i decide to take a stroll down there. as i was walking through the hallways it became apparent that everyone as asleep. i was actually grateful for that since i hadn’t done my hair or makeup yet. i walk into the buffet and grab a plate of pancakes and bacon. as I'm reading my book (yes I'm reading again, i know, what a shocker). i hear the door open and I'm praying it is one of my brothers coming to look for me. i peek up and it’s him. as soon as he sees me he stops in his tracks. “what never seen a girl without makeup on?” i finally say. “no, i’ve never seen someone so beautiful at six am” he responds. i roll my eyes. “what?” he says a little confused. “you don’t have to pretend to like me and you can stop following me around. you’re like the perfect guy and there are many pretty girls around here that would love a one night stand.” i realized a little to late that i shouldn’t of said that last part. he parts his lips into a small smile and starts to laugh. so gasping for air laughing but giggle a little. “do you think that’s all i want?” he asked still a little amused. “well yah that’s what all guys your age want” i responded blushing a little at this point. “i like you because you can see everything that i try to cover up behind my eyes, you see the sorrow behind smile, you can see my…show more content…
as i walk out of the doors of my room there he is smiling ear to ear. “may i?” he says as he holds out his hand for me to take. i laugh and place my hand in his. it fits perfectly. we walk over to two seats next to each other. i sit down and open my book. i then look up and see him taking off his shirt. i take a quick breath he then looks at me and smiles “have you never seen a boy shirtless” he jokes. “no i haven’t” i respond still astonished by how perfect his body is. he leans down and kisses me. my hands go down his back and i can feel each individual muscle. he then pulls away picks me up and pulls me into the pool with
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