Narrative About Fishing

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It was around 7 o'clock on a cool August night. Our family was getting ready to eat our dinner consisting of freshly caught blue crab, croaker, red snapper, and shrimp. We bought the shrimp from a small mom and pop bait shop on the main road of the island. In our small beach bungalow, the shrimp and crab boil smelled like heaven with a little bit of sea salt. We all sat on the back porch with the sea to our left and our obnoxious water balloon throwing neighbors to our right. The smell of our luxurious dinner grew greater when my “nonnie” walked out with a tray. On the tray sat a mountain of food. It caught everyone's attention, and we all ran to it attracted like flies on dung. To start off, I indulged on the largest blue crab on the tray.…show more content…
Standing on the pier you could see the orangish purple sun setting over the town. That's when I heard my dad's line hit the water. It was followed by my uncle and Nonnie’s line. A couple minutes later the first fish was caught. It was yet again a croaker. A few hours and plenty of croakers later, I caught a very ugly looking fish. The lady in the pier shack called it a lizard fish. It had a long scaly body with retractable teeth like toothless the dragon from “How to Train Your Dragon”. After throwing it in the cooler, I decided to walk further down the pier. There were many different people and ethnicities on the pier. My father always told me that when the Asians showed up they caught all the fish. I became a believer when I walked past them and they reeled in fish after fish. They were catching a long eel-like fish with very sharp teeth. I later found out they were called ribbon fish. After my walk down the pier, I sat back down near my…show more content…
I got the head and he got the body. I put the head on my hook so that the tentacles would move when they hit the water. Not two seconds after my bait hit the water I had a fish on. It ate the squid faster than you could say onomatopoeia. This time, I was ready. I jerked once again. I made sure to lodge the hook in its mouth and it took off. The fish was peeling 60 lbs test off my rod like dental floss. Instead of running up the pier this time it ran under the pier. Just as quick as it was on, it was off, and with a snap that sounded like the breaking of a toothpick my line broke. Again started thinking what more could I have
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