Narrative Analysis : ' An Order '

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The narration paper at the beginning of the semester is always my favorite, narration always came so fluently. Because there is no set rule of what to describe in an order, I could just let my creativity run wild and emotional instead of stressing over the details. This was the first essay I wrote while being with my lovely girlfriend Jennifer, and with her compassion and support she has made the stress and anxiety easier on me. She has helped me so much semester that I could not begin to express how grateful I am for her to be in my life right now. Narration is my strongest essay type in my own opinion, although there are still skills that can be more finely sharpened.
The description essay was also a great amount easier for me to write, because it was mostly about my own perceptions. I have always been interested in philosophy, and one of the major points I like to read about is how to see your surroundings in different ways. Seeing the world in the vivid detail that can expressed to others, the ability to interpret the world around you in a beautiful way has always been important to me. I practice this frequently with poetry and other means, describing how other people because emotion is also my preferred ways to practice this. There is still much I can learn about organizing, organization has always been a weakness because I tend to rant, and lose my train of thought even when speaking. Having a mild attention issue makes it difficult to focus on one topic…
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