Narrative Analysis Of A Crush On Chaos

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Plot development for my narrative: A Crush on Chaos? Ew No!

Exposition: “My nana dropped me and brother off a little ways from our school so that we weren’t sitting in traffic. I went to Coffee Bean with some friends and my brother went who knows where! When we were walking to Walker Junior High School, I saw my brother about to cross the street to go to Kennedy High School. I told my friends that I would be right back. They left and I yelled out to my brother.” That is the part in my narrative that represents the exposition. The setting is the Kennedy, Walker, and Coffee Bean area. The characters, well, the main characters, are shown as being me, Bella Palmer, as well as my brother, Lucky Palmer.

Rising Action: “Lucky! Hey! What are you doing?” I said being as curious as ever.
Lucky did a half jog like thing and made his way over to me. He put me in a headlock and told me he was going to come with me to Walker. When we got in, he said that he wanted to see Mrs. Green. We went to her classroom and she was happy to see him.
“Hi Lucky! How is High School?”
“Hi Mrs. Green. It is good. How is my sister in class? A lot better than me huh?”
“She is very good in class. Hm--- She may be my favorite Palmer!” she said with a smirk.
“See Lucky? I’m a lot better than you!” I said giggling.
We said bye to Mrs. Green and Lucky started to head back to his school. I used to always talk about Lucky to my first period teacher, Mr. Kyle, and he wanted to meet the “ever so famous Lucky”. So I took the opportunity and knew that he wouldn’t willingly go meet him. So, I took his backpack and darted toward Mr. Kyle’s old classroom. I looked through the window but he wasn’t there. When my brother caught up to me, I surrendered and gave his back pack back.
My brother started to go to Kennedy again so I decided that it was my turn to go to his school. As we were walking, I was thinking of ways to embarrass him without completely humiliating myself.
Hm-- should I just be quiet but follow him around? No because then it wouldn’t be really embarrassing. Maybe I should hold onto his arm with one hand, point to him with the other, while yelling out that I know him and that he is my brother. Maybe not, we would just get dirty looks.
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