Narrative Analysis Of Graduation Day

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Narrative - The audience based on this narrative is for young teen’s in high school. High school students would be interested in this story as it relates to the struggles in school and the issues that come across that may feel like it is having an effect on their life. This narrative shows teen’s that many things can affect you in life, no matter how big or small they are. It also shows that everyone needs help, to stand by your friends and family through hard times. The audience should view the story as moments that they shouldn't take for granted, but also to help a close friend or family member around them in the best and worst of times as everyone needs that is always willing to be there for. The inspiration for the storyline came…show more content…
Simple sentences were used for a range of sentences over the story to explain one idea making the paragraph clear. Similes were used for one or two sentences in the narrative. Persuasive text – The persuasive text is about the over use of plastic bags within super markets, patricianly directed at Woolworths for this assignment. The reason why this issue was chosen for this assignment was because throughout early 2017 the news kept showing the over use of plastic bags within Australia. By watching and listening to the issues of plastic within Australia. The audience is for Woolworths manager within each store; but could also be looked at by employees as well. This would intrigue Woolworth managers as one of their products is affecting the earth, human health and society. The persuasive text is in a form of a written letter. By writing it in a letter it can express ideas through materials as this would be very difficult to achieve in an email, news paper article or other forms of informing people about issues. The structure that was used in the persuasive text was letter form. This allows the issue to be introduced earlier on and the organisation of paragraphs with detail to support facts/opinions. By introducing the topic early, it will help the reader understand the damage plastic bags are causing to the earth. Also by organising paragraphs in different sections allows each paragraph in a text contains a
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