Narrative Analysis : The Narrative Of The World

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Narrative Theory As a general term, narration is to tell a story with the description and the shaping of an event (Nash, 1990). Accordingly, narratology is considered to be the study of the function and of the form of narrative, going back in the Western tradition of Aristotle and Plato (Prince, 1982). An exceptional rise of narrative analysis has been noted in the last four or five decades, which attracted various analysts, linguists and philosophers to get involved with the field of narratology. Roland Barthes in “An Introduction to the Structural Analysis of Narrative” (1975) states that there are innumerable forms and genres of narrative in the world, as well as, that narrative exists in tales, stories, myth, drama, comedy, history or even in movies. Apart from these, Barthes (1975) also says that all those forms are appreciated by people of any cultural origin with no regard to one’s background, which is something really interesting that is worth the attention. So, in order to define what is a non-narrative and a narrative text, one should identify their main difference and because it is an essential point for this part of my dissertation but also for the examination of “A Room of One’s Own” (Woolf 2002), a brief analysis will be given. The main difference between a story and a narrative discourse lies within the kind of time and the kind of order. A non-narrative text is an essay where “the only time involved is the time it takes to read, and the only order is that of
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