Narrative-Anna Monologue

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We got nowhere with the case, she vanished off the earth for a few months and that time had been broken up with her husband. We did not hear from her again, for a very long while.

We kept in touch with her in-laws and her husband, apparently he's been accused of molesting his eldest daughter , this fuckin whore , she was honestly going very far and she was unstoppable. No wonder her own mother was never involved in her life , she is falsely accusing people of wrong doings just because she could not get her way .

Our life almost returned back to normal without hearing from this whore, but the empty space of Danielle who was now suddenly Faiza could be felt, we all missed her deeply .

I can't really say my marriage was blossoming ,okay maybe a part of it but financially we weren't doing so good , my husband got fired from his job ,and I desperately had to look for another one for him . Eventually, after a short contract at a juice company, I manage to get him into one of our other plants as a warehouse controller.
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Jo-Anne and Keith were reconciling and staying together . Okay good for her but I mean really? If you accused the father of your children of molestation why would you even consider having him around your kids left alone go and live with him? We all knew that molestation case was bull shit ,Jo-Anne clearly had physiological issues ,I thought
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