Narrative Dialogue of C P Ellis' 'Why I Quit the Klan'

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WHY I QUIT THE KLAN NARRATIVE DIALOGUE 1 "Hey, Curtis, ain't it? Where ya headed?" "Perkins, how ya doing ol' boy, ain't seen you in a coon's age. How's trouble?" "Headin' to Tulsa. There's work, new Toyota plant, they tell me." "Yeah, me I'm going to see my uncle, out in the Pacific. You know, Oregon." "What's out in Oregon? Ain't nothin' but pear orchards out there." "Well, that's somethin.'" "You still runnin' around with them Stokes Mountain Boys? Plumb loco, them there." "Well, you know, I'm just goin' out to Oregon, work in a pear orchard." "You know they say those Stokes boys lit it up pretty good coupl'a weekends ago, down outside of Lexington, the went across state lines and had another 'intervention,' you know." "Yeah, well, see, that's kinda what I'm fixin' to see my uncle about, I can't be part of that all kind of business, I'm alright for going to the ballot box, coupla meetings every now and then, but that kind of business is a little out of my spectrum after all." "You know, a man's gotta look out for his own skin first dontchya know." "Well, it's that, but there's actually more to it than that, tell the truth." "Uh oh, what, d'ja have a little too much fun Sat'day night, little miscegenation down by the exit ramp? Hell the grand dragon himself's been known to meet with ol' Judge Lawson himself down ta the ol' smokehouse if you know what I mean, that ain't nothin' fer the daily papers, really..." "No, that's just old news you're right. It's
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