Narrative Essay About A Tornado

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The weather was different that day. It was not how is had been for the past few weeks --- sunny and clear skies. The sky was gray and you could feel a cool breeze nipping at your skin. Hearing the rustling of the leaves made you feel at peace. You would think fall was starting, but it was only the end of spring. I hear a whistle in the distance and come back to reality. Recess was over. Everyone was back inside and settled in their seats, but that was when it happened. The alarms were blaring and had all the students panicking. The teacher tried to make sure everyone remained calm. They put us in single file lines and starting taking us to the basement. My class ended up in the boys’ bathroom. The teachers made us get down and cover our heads. None of the students knew what was going on considering we were all no older than ten at the time. I heard a teacher talking…show more content…
All of them were from family in California. My parents called them all back and they filled them in with everything that happened. That was how I found out about the tornadoes that took place in Joplin, Missouri. Thank God that the tornado did not come into my region. Awhile later, I saw a lot of our neighbors were outside chatting. They saw that I was home and had me call my mom for them to talk to. After about thirty minutes, Mom came back inside. She told my siblings and I about what she found out. Apparently, school was cancelled for the rest of the year. I was so grateful to hear that. Mom did not look too happy because that would mean she would have to deal with us sooner than she expected. I guess I felt a little bad for her. After a long day, I decided to go outside onto the porch swing and relax. The sky was still gray. The breeze was still nipping at my skin. The leaves were still rustling in the wind. It still made me feel at peace. If only it was actually fall instead of
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