Narrative Essay About Basketball

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Many people say, “it's just a sport,” but to me basketball is much more than that. I started playing at 5 years old. My father played college basketball, so, naturally, he pushed me to play. He says I have a natural talent for the game. At times I didn't believe him, but now I do. I am very grateful he pushed me to play because basketball has taught me an extremely valuable lesson.

Going into the 8th grade I had high hopes for the season, but everyone began doubting me. At this point, everyone was maturing faster than me. I was always small for my age, but in 8th grade everyone else grew but me. The coaches underestimated me because of my size. I could've played and done better than the kids ahead of me, but I was put down because of my size. 8th grade was a tough year, and I ended up quitting half way through the youth season. I was considering not playing in high school, but I received confidence from a great person. The varsity coach, Mr. Blank, heard about me quitting, and came to talk to me before school one day. He sat me down and said, “I'm sorry to hear this season didn't go well for you. I know you were underplayed because of your size, but I still have high hopes for you, and would like you to play next year.” This changed my mind big time.

I was 5’2”, 95 lbs, and went out my freshman year, thinking I would not get much playing time. Turns out things couldn't have gone better. We had a cool coach, and I started every game of the season. I led the team
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