Narrative Essay About Birthdays

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Everyone gets excited when their birthday is coming up. There are just some birthdays that you can’t forget for years to come. It was the month of May and I was very excited to end school because I was promised a birthday at the beach. My birthday is during the summer that means fun under the sun. Looking at the clock I was minutes away from traveling to Mexico. When I finally heard the bell ring I rushed myself outside to the student pick up for 5th graders, waiting for my mom.
Going to my house getting ready to pack to Mexico. At that time, it was tough to go to Mexico because of the corruption with criminal organizations going on everywhere. Many travelers weren’t really going to Mexico because they were scared what could happened. It was our second time going over to Rockypoint to visit my dad’s side of the family. We were all packed and finally hitting the road. At least it’s not far from Arizona.
Once we got there, well there wasn’t many people around and you can feel some tension in air. When we reached my grandma’s house I was already happy for my birthday on Saturday. For now, I was the one getting all the attention from everyone. My aunts and uncles would buy me everything I wanted from food to toys. I was just waiting for all the birthday presents I would get. Of course, let’s not forget about the birthday cake, there is a great place to get homemade cake with the best fillings in the middle of fresh fruit. It was Friday night I was getting excited for my
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