Narrative Essay About Camping Camp

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Camping It started with about an hour and a half of driving, me and my siblings were going camping with our friends and we were so excited. We had met our friends in a parking lot so that we could stick together on the drive there. We had finally gotten to the campsite but were still waiting on the rest of our group to get here, that includes my mom, stepsister Destiny, and step brother Andrew while my group had my step dad my brother Ben and me. We were with our friends Taylor, Logan, and their mom Mrs. Beth. Since we were waiting to do anything super exciting until the rest of group got here we were stuck with having to set up the campsite. It was surprisingly simple to get all the tents and everything set up. So when we were all done setting up I asked what time it was and the rest of our group was supposed to be here in a couple of hours. “So what do you want to do?” I asked Taylor at first she wanted to go and explore but we wanted to wait for Destiny so we settled on climbing trees. When we got bored of climbing all the trees we wanted we went and we colored. We were still coloring by the time 2:30 p.m. the rest of our group should have been here by now so my step dad went to look for them about 20 minutes later they finally arrived. At first we explored and played around the campsite but then it started to rain so we came back. After the rain had seemingly stopped we went back out but not for long because we had to help with dinner.

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