Narrative Essay About Catalina's Chance

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Catalina’s Chance “Catalina, wait! No one is allowed back there!” “I’m proving that something’s wrong. I know there is! Why are you so acrid about this?” Ordinarily, Catalina had a plan, but this was moreover the most important, aspiring plan of her life. If she was correct about the telescope, she could prove that people were wrong about her. Nevertheless, she had a slim chance of saving her opportunity of coming back into the roped off area. The kitchen help gave frequent calls to her, however, it was too late to turn back now. Above all, Catalina wanted to be an astronomer (6). Though this was an abnormal interest, she was defiantly confident of her dream, knowing she would acquire her goal sometime in the future (7). However, no one believed she was the appropriate gender, nor capable of enduring it (7). Now was her time to prove to the people in doubt she would achieve it, by taking her predominant step.…show more content…
Consequently, a man in a lanky uniform -obviously specifically fit for him- approached her, and abruptly picked her up by the underarm. “Where are you heading, Catalina?”, the man asks in a strong, baritone voice. “There’s something wrong with one of the telescopes. I know there is (7).” “So, heading where?”, he facetiously asks. “Oh, um… I was heading to the lab. I tried to tell the kitchen help, they were no ‘help’ at all (8).” Catalina chuckles at her remark, abating from the seriousness of the conversation. “You were heading to the abode....” “Lab!” Someone yelled from the crowed. “Yes, um… Lab, to tell the scientists that there is something wrong with a telescope?” “Yes, sir.” “No one is allowed to enter the lab, correct?” “Yes, sir.” “So, there is something is wrong with it? That’s the
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