Narrative Essay About Coming To Us

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language very well. I came to the United States and have done that for them. My children will deal with the same psychological trauma and feelings I went through. This feeling of disparity and hopelessness. It could seriously hurt my kids and I don’t want them to go through what I did. No young child should go through what I did.
Moreover, my wife at the time didn’t support me. It was extremely hard to find work that I was suited for. Having no office experience and not having a proper education my work opportunities were limited. Eventually, I found work as a driver, but that wasn’t enough for Jazmin. She would constantly criticize me about the work that I was doing and would throw the accomplishments of her friends in my face. As if I …show more content…

Furthermore, Jazmin began to be very manipulated. She didn’t want me to get a job and wanted me to stay inside the house all day. This isn’t the type of person I am. I always find value in working, so when I was shut in a house for the entire day not doing anything productive I started becoming depressed and anxious. Jazmin would even try and imped me from working. As, I worked weekends driving for a company she would insist that I stay at home and help around the house. However, this brought no value or self-esteem to me. I love working and going to work on the weekends was what I lived for during that time.
After some months, her manipulation started becoming worse. Jazmin would leave me home with a 2-dollar phone card to call my parents. She began to control my income, by taking away my paychecks and depositing it into her account. There was no reasonable freedom to go out and take care of myself in the relationship. She started reading my mail and emails to my parents and friends back in the Dominican Republic. These last actions were the last straws I could take and that’s when I decided to move out. However, I didn’t know anyone here beside her family. Fortunately, her mother was very fond of me and decided to take me in. I worked with her Jazmin’s mother to try and amend the relationship, but it was a very difficult situation. In 2005, I officially filed for divorce, although I had been separated from Jazmin for quite some time. That was when I started getting on

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