Narrative Essay About Disneyland

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My summer was really great this year, we went to Disneyland for my brother and I’s birthday. It was a really long drive to get to the Disney hotel that we were staying at, but it was totally worth the wait though. While we were driving we saw a bunch of beautiful and fascinating things. We left earlier in the Morning so we got to see the sunrise, and let me tell you, it was amazing, one of the prettiest things I had ever seen. We stopped by a few places at the beginning of our trip so we could pick up some snacks to eat on the way. My brother, Kristopher, fell asleep within the first hour we were driving. I was listening to music, looking out the window, and snacking on a small bag of Takis. My dad surprised us on the way when we went to go eat pizza from Little Caesars. I know that doesn’t sound like much of a surprise but I absolutely love Little Caesars pizza. I probably like it more than most people to be honest. We finished most of our pizza taking the leftover pieces with us back to the car. I was feeling pretty tired so I dozed off while listening to Shawn Mendes. I woke up to a louder song blasting through my headphones. I turned down my volume and switched the song. I checked my Google Maps and it said that we were about halfway to the park. After than I checked my Snapchat and opened a Snap from Gabby. The bright pink words across a picture of her and her sister read, “Can’t wait to get to Florida!” I quickly take a picture of myself with my Florida, Lifeguard
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