Narrative Essay About Drinking At The Party

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When we were little, especially with older siblings, something like drinking at a party seemed so sinister. I told myself that would never be me, and I really believed it. When you grow up, even just a few years, you learn more about how the world works and some things become more clear. You learn how businesses run and how the government works. Criminals and terrorists cover the television screen on the nightly news. Your friends from middle school grow up and some go to college and some fall addicted to heroin. Drugs become common and drinking at a party does not seem like the worst thing in the world. Hell, drinking at a party is not the worst thing in the world; at least not until you get busted by the cops. My boyfriend, Garrett, my best friend, Hannah, my best friend’s boyfriend, Grant, and I were all bored on a Sunday night during the summer before my senior year. The four of us caught wind of a huge party at a mutual friend’s house. We designated Hannah as the driver and piled into one car. When we arrived about thirty minutes later, the cars lined the mile-long driveway. Cars even filled the entire three-acre property. The house was huge and the back porch seemed like it was made for this party. Everything was going very well. We found our spot at the party and started rolling blunts to get everyone warmed up. Again, Hannah was the driver, meaning she stayed sober and I did not want to get drunk without her. But whether it was just to look natural or to feel a
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