Narrative Essay About Enduring Risks

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Enduring Risks Ringing and Chiming, The phone alarm went off. “Ugh” I groaned as I unobstructed my eyes. It grasped me a minute to realize today was going to be spectacular! Jumping off my blue covered bed, I went to endure a hot shower that was also steamy and warm. Smiling nervously in my dark printed purple shirt and black tights, I pulled my dark brown, scruffy hair into a well-rounded bun. Then, I woke up my sleep deprived little siblings awake. I felt eager and nervous all at once. What was I thinking? I have nerve wracking stage fright syndrome. I do not like being the center of attention, but somehow I always end up in these types of situations I smiled blissfully as I waved goodbye to my charismatic parents. “Remember…show more content…
For the next 7 hours, we rehearsed again, we ate, and we played. Then it was finally time. Everyone walked nervously onto the platform, we had been on at least 20 times that before that day, and we were even more nervous than before. Smiles plastered across all of our faces. I was one of the main characters in a sister singing group who all yearned for the top position and the spotlight for their selves. It was weird for me, that I didn’t like being the center of attention, but my character did. The spotlight shined profoundly bright on all of us, as the audience stared and waved at us. Mrs. Ussery delivered the introduction with pride and joy. Even though we were nervous on the inside, we were proud like my music and dance teacher Mrs. Ussery that day, as we stood there staring back at five hundred and fifty people. Performing with confidence, we singed jazz songs and danced our finest than any other day. The audience, our fans, expressed their gratitude and favored us. So, I felt like it was worth enduring the risk, knowing I could have messed up a line or past out, and even though I also felt like passing out. In the end, taking risks is what makes people who they are. You don’t have to exclude from a difficult journey in your life because it’s hard. It’s worth enduring the risk to achieve or gain something you desire. If I weren’t so head high of always trying to do something I scared of, for
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