Narrative Essay About Heartbroken

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Heartbroken As a young child, my great grandparents were my world. They cared for me, they took me places, they showed me love and affection and mostly they just admired my existence. At one point in my life me, my mother and my siblings actually lived beside my great grandparents so I could see them and be around them at any time of day because I used to go to their house every day after school, which that was the greatest thing to me because I had that same love for them just as they had for me. So one could say that my great grandparents had a huge role in my life as they helped my mother raise me to be who I am today. We lived beside my great grandparents for a very long time, from when I was born to when I was 11. But before I was …show more content…

Then the song when off and the radio presenter came on to talk on the station, but we don’t like to listen to them talk, we only want to hear the music, so my sister was a “curious george” and put the parking break down and things got out of hand. The Jeep started rolling down the hill towards my great grandparents house and when I realized that the Jeep was rolling down, I got scared and jumped out of the window of the back seat so I wouldn’t get in trouble because I knew things were about to go bad. So once I jumped out the window the Jeep soon after ran into the porch of my great grandparents house and at that point I knew we were about to get killed by my mother and great grandparents. I’m sure that my great grandparents had a heart attack once they heard that loud noise the porch made once the Jeep crashed into it. My sisters that were still in the Jeep were terrified and crying as my great grandparents ran out of the house to get them out, but they didn’t seem like they were mad they were more worried about if they were okay or not. But my mom on the other hand, she was livid, she told them “get ready to pack your bag, yall are going to stay with your dad” because she had to pay to get my great grandparents now askew porch fixed. Soon after, everything was back to normal, no one mad anymore and she actually didn’t make them leave to live with their father. Then me and my sisters went over to my great grandparents house to

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