Narrative Essay About Living In Texas

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Living in Dallas Texas is not so bad. I lived in an apartment building that was not so big, but the worst part was that there were tons of roaches. So we decided to move to Frisco.Also my dad has a job there. As the last few days of school came we started packing. It was hard because my brother was giving a hard time to my Mom. On the last day of school we left to go home. We had a scheduled flight to Puerto Rico to visit some relatives. After we came back we went to Houston to visit my cousins. They stayed with us for a month in my house, then after days of packing they left and we started packing. We did a lot of shopping P.S I HATE SHOPPING oh and P.P.S. I only like shopping if it's for me. We had most of the stuff in backpacks & suitcases,
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