Narrative Essay About Luna

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Once upon a time, there was a girl named Luna. Luna was raised by her evil step-family, her father had died a few years ago and she never knew what happened to her mother. Luna wasn’t normal, and she knew it, She had incredibly pale skin, red eyes, and two of her teeth were pointed and sharp. She wasn’t allowed to leave her room until night, so her step-family wouldn’t have to look at her. Her step-sister was the worst part of her family. She only made Luna food with garlic in it, which she was allergic too, and gave her a special type of water, which she could not drink. Her step-mother would then hit her when she “wasted food.” Luna’s only company was a black cat, which found its way into her room through a hole in the floor. So every night she would leave and play with the little kitten.…show more content…
Her step-sister, Amelia, was overjoyed by the news, and ran to her mother for permission to go. Amelia was given permission, but Luna was not. “Why on earth should I let you go embarrass our family?” Her step-mother exclaimed. Luna begged and begged but she was not going to that dance. She ran back to her room, already in trouble for leaving it in the day, and started crying. Then the little black kitten came. “I really want to go to that dance!” she cried to the kitten, the kitten gave a sympathetic “meow” in return. The little kitten went around town gathering things for Luna, and returned with a dark purple dress, black shoes, black gloves, make-up, a brown wig, and a ruby crescent moon necklace. Her step-sister and step-mother left for the dance, as they were leaving Luna pulled the stuff out from under the bed. Using contacts to make her eyes sky blue, the wig to make her long black hair short and brown, the make-up making her skin appear darker, and putting on all the beautiful clothes. She headed out to the ball, but when she reached her door, a voice in her head said, be back by
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