Narrative Essay About My Grandmother

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“Hello, is this Fady Bazzi?” “Yes, how can I help you?” he asked with his eyes wide open. “This is Tim from the paramedics,” he said. “I’m afraid your mother has had a heart attack and we are on our way to Henry Ford hospital now.” My grandmother and I never had a lot of memories together, I would only see her once in a while. However, it was when she had a heart-attack and she was about to die that we spent weeks together. During the time that she spent in the hospital I learned so much about her that I wish I knew before. While we didn’t always get along, I never felt safer and more loved than when I was in her presence. We would spend countless hours together and she would tell me all about her life. My grandmother doesn’t…show more content…
When we got to the hospital I was devastated by what I saw. This was not my grandmother. The grandma I knew was lively, vivacious, feisty, and glowed with love. The women I saw laying in bed was sick and cold and could barely talk. She now had strange people surrounding her, helping her take her medications and refilling her oxygen tanks… I didn’t know this person. I didn’t know what to think or what to do. My parents just told me that we were going to spend as much time with her as possible, but none of it made sense to me. She was the healthiest person I knew. My grandmother was afraid because the doctors said that her days were numbered. She tried her best to be with us. She never wanted us to leave her room because she knew that there was chance she might never see us again. One day my dad and I were the only ones in her room and we almost lost her. I was holding her hand, begging her to stay. I was crying, and her last words were, "hush, it will all be okay." I watched the light fade out of her eyes, her hand growing cold and stone like in my grasp. Every single second I shared with her passed across my mind. I couldn't make the tears stop, and all my regrets about when I didn't see her when I could have kept jumping out at me making me feel guilty. I could not comprehend that she was really gone. Never
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