Narrative Essay About Summer Vacation

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Samantha Young and her mom Rebecca Young never saw eye to eye. Her mom planned on breaking the news to her that she will attend a summer camp that summer. It was almost the end of the spring semester and Samantha would soon be on summer vacation from school. The last day of the semester and she came from school, Samantha dashed through the mahogany double front door of their house and ran up the steep stairs heading towards her room. From her bedroom there was a loud screeching sound from Samantha slamming her body onto her leopard print queen size comforter, then her mom immediately walks into her room behind her.
“Honey what’s the matter?” she asked in a concerned voice.
Samantha with her face in her pillow murmurs “Nothing mom,” she starts to sit upright so her mom could hear her properly. Samantha removed her short brunette bang which hindered her puppy brown eyes from seeing the concerned look on her mom’s face. “I just couldn’t wait for the semester to end so I can begin my summer vacation. I have so many exciting things in mind that we can do.”
Samantha not knowing that her mom had already decided to send her to a Camp. Rebecca looked at her with confusion in her eyes, because now she must break the news to Samantha about the plans she has for her.
“Samantha, I have already made plans for you to attend camp this summer, it’ll be a great experience and it will help you grow spiritually.” Doesn’t that sound like a fun idea?” Rebecca asked.
Rebecca was a slim lady
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