Narrative Essay About Thanksgiving Day

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Thanksgiving Day
It’s Thanksgiving Day and I am really excited because this is the time where we all give thanks to each other and I get to have my Grandma’s delicious homemade pumpkin pie! Mmm, delicious!
Everyone gathers at my Auntie Linda’s house to have a great, big thanksgiving dinner. We have turkey, corn, mashed potatoes, chicken, rolls, mac n cheese, and so much more. My Aunt is super organized so she gives us all assigned seats. As our family comes in we sit in our seats and talk about how we are all doing. Once all the family has arrived we dig into dinner and even though we are so full after dinner we still need to have Grandma’s homemade pumpkin pie!
After we all get stuffed from dinner and dessert, all of my cousins and I go
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