Narrative Essay About The Necklace

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The mysterious necklace

Once upon a time in a land not so far away, there was a house far into the woods where a young couple lived. One rainy day it knocked on the door and the young couple was shocked, because there were never people that came to their house.
They opened the door and there was this little girl and her baby bunny wrapped in a blanket and there was nobody else. The girl had a necklace with a butterfly on, but nothing else. The young couple took the little girl and her bunny into the small house, and took care of them.

The years went by and Ophelia, her bunny Frank and the young couple became a family. Ophelia and Frank was best friends and they had a secret that nobody except them knew, the secret was that …show more content…

Ophelia started crying and Frank tried his best to comfort her, she said “ I am so sorry Frank, I should have listen to you! Please forgive me!”.

The day after the prince came to the room where Ophelia and Frank was trapped, he gave them some bread, carrots and water. Ophelia asked the prince why he did this to them and the prince said “ Because your necklace is special and it only works if you have it. You can do exactly whatever you want when you have that necklace, but only you can do it. And we need that power from that necklace to take over the whole world!! ”, and then he walked away. Ophelia and Frank was shocked, they didn't understood anything.

The days went by, Ophelia and Frank hated to be in that room, they couldn't stop thinking about what their parents think or what they would say.
Ophelia and Frank decided to escape from the castle, so they made up a plan how they would do it.

Frank started to think about what the prince said about the necklace, that it only works on one person, and that one person is Ophelia. He thought that if she said or wished that they could come out from the room it would

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