Narrative Essay Assisted Suicide Case Study

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Denny, I got a call from Eric Dresse nigh Sup around 9:48 pm , He informed me that he was involved in a forklift accident , while he was preforming his dutyes at night and that he hit one of the support beams by the rigisters with his forks , he informed me that he was distracted while oprationg the equipment by a noise that came from the back later he found out the it was cused by one of his employees michles while he was moving one of the shopping carts with proudects in it , he infromed me that the wheel of on of the shopping crats came off , I infromed Eric to saty off the equpments untile I arrive at the store , around 10:30 I arrived at the store and I ijnspected the Beam and the equpment involved in the accident , and took pictuers
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