Narrative Essay Frankenstein

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Hello, I am known as the Creature, and I am creating this paper to document what has happened after my supposed death. Humans believe that I was terminated from Earth after I drifted off into the ice cold ocean. It had been many days where I lay afloat, with absolutely no food supply or warmth. I was in solitude, and I knew that this was the end for me. Besides the frigid cold and the hypoglycemia, I finally felt happy with myself. I wouldn’t have to deal with the hostile and rude humans, I would go to a better place—a happier place. But, unfortunately, fate decided that I would stay on Earth, as I kept frozen for more than 200 years, preserved in the ice. I woke up to find myself on a granulated surface accompanied with an intense heat,…show more content…
I do not have a ‘name,’ but I am referred to as ‘the Creature.’ Can you explain to me where I am and why I am enclosed here?”
“You are in the Bahamas and brought you here because we wanted to study you.”
“The Bahamas? I have never quite heard of this. I come from Geneva, born in the University of Ingolstadt and Victor Frankenstein is my creator.”
“Ok good, good. Tom! Google Mr. Victor Frankenstein. In the meantime, let’s discuss your procedure. We will be reformatting your face and skin color in order to resemble more like a, uh, human. This should help you connect with the world, and we would like to study the mental effects of plastic surgery. Now, since you can speak, I have to ask, is this okay, um, Mr. Creature, if we can perform this operation?”
I thought to myself, “An operation to correct my features! Of course!” So I said yes in a heartbeat! I was yet again put to sleep, this time with some type of special gas.
My eyes focused accompanied with a tender pain jutting throughout my body. I felt much more “stitched together” and could not wait to see the results. I quickly got up to view myself in the mirror and sharp bursts of pain filled my senses. Dr. Delano rushed inside my room and laid me back onto my
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