Narrative Essay : Free From The Chains Of Society

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Karla Claudio Professor Vollaro ENC 1101 X1 September 2, 2014 Narrative Essay Free This is the story of the day I choose to be free from the chains of society. Most people think of society as a structure, a way of living, they think their whole purpose in life is to be part of society. To me society is a prison, dictating how you must live your life and if you don’t meet their expectations they shun you to the darkest corner and say you’re a criminal, a psycho, scum. I’ve always hated how society thinks, that if you’re not like them they have the right to beat us, spit in our face, rob us, make our life miserable, label us, and discriminate against us. “To me you’re as good as dead”. Those were the word’s my step-father said when I told him I was gay. It happened a year ago, I was coming from school with my best friend; we were talking about random stuff when she suddenly stopped and grabbed my arm and spun me around to face her. I was startled and about to ask her what was wrong when she kissed me. I’ve had kissed lots of people before, but, she was different. She made my heart soar with happiness; my palms to sweat, my pulse to quicken, and my mind to spin. She made me feel like I was special. Nobody has ever made me feel like that. When we separated from our kiss she confessed herself to me saying “I’ve never felt the way I feel about you before. I really like you, would you go out with me?” I was speechless, never in my life had someone confessed to me the way she

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