Narrative Essay: Getting Used In Prison

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Donald and Grandma Hillary were both getting used to prison now that they have been locked up for about two months, so the weather outside was quickly changing as autumn came. After Donald and Hillary’s bar room blitz, they were charged for assault and battery then arrested. They were immediately taken to Highpoint Prison, about seventy miles north of London. Some of the meanest criminals are sent there after they commit other crimes like theft, abuse, and even some dangerous murderers were sent to Highpoint Prison. Grandma Hillary didn’t worry though because the murderers were in a separate wing of the prison under maximum security. For the first two months in prison Hillary was served her meals inside her prison cell and wasn’t able to leave …show more content…

“Time to get up!” announced the guard, “you are allowed to eat meals in the cafeteria and have recess now.”
Hillary was so excited so she jumped up and placed have hands through the bars. She was handcuffed and steered through the maze and into a large room crowded with tables. The guard uncuffed her and she was able to get a tray and fill it with the food she desired. Hillary wove her way between the tables looking for a place to sit. She found the last open seats at a table in the far corner of the room where two women sat. She pulled out the chair and as she sat down she saw her least favorite person enter the room. It was Donald from the Tipsy Cow.
Donald walked across the room to get a tray but had difficulty as he carried it. He had a cast and wobble in his walk as a result from their last encounter. He wove between the tables like Hillary had minutes before and spotted the open seats across the table from Hillary. He wobbled over and pulled out the chair but then winced in painful memory as he looked across the table at Hillary.
“Fancy meeting you here,” snarled Donald as he picked up his fork and began eating his egg. “You're not going to beat me up are

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