Narrative Essay On A Cold War

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I'll be very honest, I don't have a very clear recollection of what happened during the actual battle because I hit my head really bad when I ejected. I vaguely remember ordering Calvin to lead the attack. There was complete chaos and ships were flying everywhere shooting at anything they could. Calvin and I were to attack the Terra while everyone else engaged everything else. "Aright folks, here they come. I'm giving you very clear instructions now. If your shields fall below 40% you warp to the Sisters of Domina Sanctuary. I'm sending the coordinates to you. It's been an honor everyone! Kick butt and don't get your asses killed. For FREEDOM!! " I remember Taylor screaming as he charged towards the incoming fleet. "Oh? So you've chosen oblivion?…show more content…
Tychus here. We're losing men! I'm taking the Marauders out to recharge the shields!" "Commander Taylor! This is Deimos One; bulkhead breach imminent!" It was then that I remembered a bright yellow light gathering around the Terra. My worst fears had come true. "Hey Anderson?! Do you wanna save the thousands of people in that commune along with your family?" Taylor yelled across on the two-two frequency. I knew exactly what he meant. Decker was only after both of us and everyone else was merely collateral damage to him. I knew exactly what the outcome of my decision would be and I was ready to accept it. "Okay Calvin. I'm up for it. Call it in and have everyone evacuate before that thing charges up to full power." I replied. "Good, cause if you run out on me like you did last time, Decker's gonna track you wherever you go and destroy everything in between. Decker won't give a @#$! if everyone else warps." he said frantically even as the anti anti-matter coating bubble surrounded the Terra to protect it from becoming annihilated itself. The golden lights also became brighter by the second. "I won't leave you this time Calvin. I'm with you." I replied earnestly. Taylor got on the comm and called in the evac
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