Narrative Essay On A Fall Day

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It all began on a perfect fall day. Prancing home from the bus, watching the leaves dance in the wind as the slight chill on my skin gave me goosebumps. Heading for my home, swinging open the door; My fall day became not-so-perfect anymore. My Dad, sitting in his brown chair. “Hello sweetheart, how was school?” The shift in mood began to twirl like a tornado in the house, “What’s wrong? Why are you home?” Questioning my parents as we took a seat on our worn, cushiony couch. Looking at them, tears growing in their eyes, and my Dad’s words that will impact my life forever, “...I lost my job..” For my Dad, the next few months were full of phones, computers, and automobiles. For the rest of us, we all watched him worry about the shining light in our future. After my Dad’s hunt for a job, he finally found one that would work for our family in Texas. Comfort was now with us, but the scary journey continued. My Mom trying to sell the house, Dad traveling from Texas and back to Illinois every other weekend, and my sisters and I going to school. Going through every room, putting everything into boxes, saying goodbye to all my little sister and I had ever known to be a home. Hugging my only and best friend for the last time. Then, there was the temporary housing, with small rooms. For a month, only one bedroom for all 4 of us. There was also the long ride to our new home. I can remember my sister and I looking out the car window with our eyes filled with excitement. Our wonder
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