Narrative Essay On A Journey

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Everybody is on or has been on a journey before. Being on a journey is very important because it gives you a goal or task that you want to accomplish. When you go on a journey you find is yourself through the experiences and obstacles that life throws at you. Throughout a journey, you are taught life lessons and have the capability of applying that new knowledge for the future for a better outcome. Sometimes, these life lessons challenge you and you ultimately succeed at the end. For the past 5 months, I have been on a journey as I have been learning a new instrument that I’ve always wanted to learn since I was a little kid. Being on this path has taught me many life lessons and how to stay focused on what really matters.
My interest in guitar started when my friend used to bring his guitar everyday and I would always want to play but didn't know how. I would always ask him to teach me how to play but I didn't know any of the chords and notes, therefore, I just gave up on attempting to play this new instrument. However, guitar is an elective that’s offered here at Kennedy, so I decided to take the class. I noticed that my friend was getting better the more he practiced, so I decided to join the class to learn the basics and get started on this new journey. At first, it was difficult to understand the notes because I didn’t have any musical background to help assist me for my own benefit. However, I began to focus more in class to learn the basics day by day. Overtime, I learned that you can't learn guitar in one day and you need a lot of practice to get better. I also discovered how progress is important to reach my end goal.
I stayed on this journey to learn guitar because playing guitar is a special skill that I want to learn. n my free time or when I’m bored, I could play guitar while learning new and more songs to play. As a result, I will eventually and gradually get more advanced the more I learn. Another reason I stayed on this journey is because I want to want to challenge myself to do something I thought I could never do. When I was little, I always thought that I would never be able to play an instrument because it was too difficult to learn. Therefore, this is why I wanted to learn guitar in the
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