Narrative Essay On Being Native American

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Jack’s mom rolled and twisted a paper only for the paper to disappear into the palms of her hands. She brought her cupped hands to her mouth and blew, and out came an origami tiger. But how!? By the magic of her town back in China. Jack adored the tiger and the origami but it later went away.

Jack was amazed by these paper creature’s, that the next time Jack had a friend over (Mark) the animal was shown. But Mark wasn’t impressed and kept playing with his toy. “It doesn’t even look like a tiger. Your mom makes your toys out of trash?” From then on this completely changing his point of view being Chinese American. Jack wanted to be only American and if that meant getting rid of his mom and her culture then it's what he had to do. For now,
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Jack had wished to be a normal American with no Chinese although he didn’t know everything he would lose, including his mother but he didn’t know that right now. “Speak English!” Jack had yelled at his mother, he didn’t understand her Chinese and he didn’t care to know if it wasn’t in English. Because of Jack wanting his mom to speak English and only English, they stopped talking in all, but Jack didn’t…show more content…
Finally, Jack captured them all and put the shoebox in the corner of their attic. In high school, Jack moved out but came back for a visit because his mother had cancer. Jack decided to go back to school, not because he was eager to go back but because his mother said he can. She died when he was on the plane back. Two years later Jack came to visit with his girlfriend Susan. One of his visiting days he was sitting down and heard a rustle, he saw it was Laohu and there was a note written on the tiger. But Jack couldn’t read it, it was in Chinese. Jack decided to go downtown and have someone on a Chinese tour read it to him, it talked about her story, her life. He regretted not talking to his mom but he couldn’t do anything about it and that is what the Chinese think is the saddest thing. “For a child to finally grow the desire to take care of their parents, only to realize they were long
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