Big Game Essay

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It was a saturday evening. All this practice, for the “big game”. The roster had shown I was qualified for the state tournament. I grabbed my bag which included my headgear, my energy drink and my slim wrestling suit. Momentarily after, I hopped in the SUV and waited for my parents. My mother grabbed the keys, and we were off. The GPS estimated our car ride to be about two hours. What was I going to do in the meantime? I played on my phone and literally just sat there throughout the whole car ride. Later that day, we arrived at the state tournament building which was located in upstate New York. I ran in to greet all my coaches, I was one of the first people to arrive there. “Hey Coach!” I said. He replied to me with “Hey Zach,…show more content…
Coach called the first few players that were competing against the New Jersey players. He called me up to the mat first. My opponent walked up in front of me. Adrenaline rushed through my body, half shivering from the intensity. The coach had to blow the whistle three times for the game to start. One, two, and three. As soon has he blew that third whistle I was slammed to the ground! He called me back up for the second round. I wasn't giving up now. I could hear strangers I didn't know cheering me on, and my Dad cheering making the biggest fool out of himself. Once again he blew the whistle three times, and I charged my opponent head-faced right on the ground penetrating his neck with my hand! That was my play in this tournament, although I tied my opponent. There were around 10-15 players left to compete for the state tournament to end. Finally after all the players had competed against each other, more specifically the state qualifying wrestlers, the score had ended up to 25-25! We tied New Jersey. We quickly summed it up by giving positive regards to the NJ wrestlers as shaking hands with each individual who
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