Narrative Essay On Bullies In School

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The five big bullies of the school had found a big hole at the back of the classroom underneath a loose floorboard. They hid everything in the hole, they thought only they knew about it and that their “punch bag” wouldn’t know a thing, but I had taken to hiding from them, one day behind the teacher’s desk when they lifted up the floor board and examined their trophies. One day as I was waiting to ask the teacher how to do a very complicated maths problem that I had seen, the bullies opened up the floorboard, they found a dead mouse. Thwaites took it out by its tail and waved it in front of his friend’s faces. “What shall we do with it?” he cried. “Throw it out of the window quick.” Someone shouted. “Don’t be such a wimp Malfoy!” Dolohov prowled around the classroom. “I know exactly what to do with it.” He seized me by the collar round my shirt, away from the safety in the shadows. “This one here could slip it into one of Mrs Pratchett’s jars of sweets? Then when she puts her dirty hand in to grab a handful, she’ll grab a stinky dead mouse instead?” The other four started at Dolohov in wonder. They all started grinning. They slapped Dolohov on the back. “We’ll do it today!” they cried. “We’ll do it on the way home! Ha I wonder what the pea brain is thinking.” indicating me Rowle took the mouse from Dolohov and put it in his trouser pocket. Then the six of us left the school and went towards the sweet shop… We walked up the road towards the sweet shop, but I lingered behind. I really didn’t want to do this. The road was empty apart from a crunchie wrapper; probably from Mrs Pratchett’s shop, I swallowed. Even though it was only 4 o’clock, it was already going dark. My shoes felt like lead as I trudged along. Maybe I could just stay here, they wouldn’t notice until later. Alas, “Hurry up!” barked Dolohov staring at me with those piercing green eyes. I sighed. After what seemed like such a short time, we reached the sweet shop. Malfoy forcefully pushed open the door. Rowle took the mouse and pressed it into my hand so I could feel its soft fur and the tickling from its whiskers. I stared at the open door, it was a pale cream with a round window near the top, the whole door was streaked with dirt. I was
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