Narrative Essay On Cardiac Arrest

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60% Rough Draft Late in the fall of my sixteenth year, my heart stopped functioning and I went into cardiac arrest. One might think that a medical phenomenon like this is next to inconceivable, but despite the improbable conditions, I was part of the 0.1%.
I was born with a rare heart condition called dextrocardia, also known as situs inversus. My heart and all of my other organs are mirrored on the opposite side of my body, so instead of having my heart on the left side of the body like the other 99.9% of the human population, it’s positioned on the right side. Because of this, I’ve had health problems all my life. And with health problems comes financial problems.
My father left us when he found out how much money his three-year-old daughter was costing him between surgeries, physical therapy, and weekly examinations. That left my mother with the burden of taking care me. She went to work, did all the housework, and never once scowled, or caused anyone any trouble and was kind to everyone. However my aunt always hounded her for money and made excuses about why she was in need. My mother financially supported her, doing part-time
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He had been watching the few moments I had conversing with him at the support group and hoped that I could have someone to talk to. As much as he forced interaction between us, Toby and I grew together instantaneously. Doctor Gordon would walk in every few hours, checking in on us and acting out of character- much like a hyper, optimistic school counselor. We spent the rest of the afternoon helping Toby settle in and playing board games as well as doing other activities to get to know each other better. After a few hours of getting used to each other, he admitted that he requested a room change to be closer to me. So he was hitting on me. I didn’t mind. I was amused by the way he flirted. It was cute, but his charm got a hold of me and soon enough our feelings were
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